Increase the Quality and Efficiency of Your Third-Party Risk Management Program

What makes a vendor risk assessment better? The crispness of the questionnaire? The ability to assess more vendors faster? The degree of regulator satisfaction?

The answer: A vendor risk assessment is “better” when it identifies and eliminates more risk.

Complete the form on the right to view a webinar on refining third-party risk assessments in the face of regulatory pressures, business requirements and budget constraints. The session will offer advice on improving:

  • Quality: Improve resource allocation, institute effective communication and ensure reproducibility
  • Alignment: Synchronize vendor assessments with evolving regulations and guidance
  • Veracity: Institute effective sampling to identify gaps that affect your business
  • Efficiency: Do more with fewer resources, smaller budgets and less time

The most effective vendor risk programs operate in a continuous improvement cycle. Register for the webinar and learn how to up-level your third-party risk program.

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Building Better Vendor Risk Assessments

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