Third-Party Risk Management

2021 Trends: Third-Party GRC Management
Integrity & Resiliency of the Extended Enterprise

While all third-party vendors must be onboarded,
they do not all merit equal attention.

Michael Rasmussen, the principal analyst from GRC 20/20, a leading research firm that provides insight into governance, risk management, and compliance (GRC) trends and strategies, recently published a paper looking at lessons learned from 2020 and outlined expected trends for 2021 as it relates to Third-Party GRC.  

Strategic Trends for Third-Party GRC

In this report, we will discuss five strategic trends for Third-Party GRC in 2021, including:

  • Integrity: How organizations are re-evaluating their internal core values, ethics and standards of conduct in 2021
  • Resiliency: What companies can do to maintain operations amid uncertainty and change
  • Governance: How organizations need to develop a more assertive approach to governance to ensure greater oversight
  • Federation: How to move from a siloed third-party management approach to a more collaborative approach
  • Integration: How to incorporate external content and enterprise systems into the third-party risk ecosystem

For a deep dive into each trend and the supporting strategic driver complete the form to access the full GRC 20/20 Report.

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