Continuous Monitoring. It's a necessary aspect of Third-Party Risk Management that often comes with a lot of questions - how often should you be doing it? Do you need to continuously monitor all of your vendors? Join ProcessUnity's Director of Strategic Alliances, Amanda Giroux, and BitSight's Senior Consulting Engineer, David Hawkins, to explore the answers to these questions and more with best practices for Third-Party Risk Management.

You'll gain insight on:

  • What continuous monitoring entails and why it's important for your third-party risk management program.
  • How BitSight security ratings are created and used to provide true clarity on a vendor's risk posture.
  • Why ProcessUnity integrates BitSight security ratings to streamline continuous monitoring within the Vendor Risk Management platform.
  • How continuous monitoring can help your third-party risk management program stay ahead of risks in your vendor population.

Amanda Giroux
Director of Strategic Alliances

Amanda Giroux currently serves as ProcessUnity's Director of Alliances. In this role, she is responsible for growing ProcessUnity's channel and working with resellers, VARs and partners to expand the ProcessUnity Partner Program globally. Amanda brings more than 10 years of experience across the technology and financial services industries to her role at ProcessUnity. She received a B.S. from Salem State University and an MBA from University of Massachusetts Lowell.

David Hawkins
Senior Consulting Engineer

David Hawkins is a Sr. Consulting Engineer with BitSight and has been in the security industry for just over twenty years. His background includes both Cyber and Physical Security. As a consulting Engineer with BitSight, he is focused on helping companies with risk, compliance, technology, and program development. His goal is to promote the continued maturity of the security ratings industry into a discipline that holistically considers information security, data protection, technology and business risk as a unified concept.

Blake Gardner
Life Sciences Manager, Third-Party Risk

Mr. Gardner is a Life Sciences Manager on the Third-Party Risk team. Blake has extensive experience in the third-party risk management discipline with a specialization in Life Sciences. He concentrates in Information Security, Business Continuity, and Regulatory Compliance, managing Crowe’s relationship with several large organizations, coordinating assessments of third parties. Blake is well-versed in quality and privacy regulations specific to the Life Sciences and Healthcare industries such as GxP, GDPR, and HIPAA. Blake also has experience working in GRC solutions such as ProcessUnity.

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