How to Achieve SOC 2 Certification with a Small Team

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Learn how to prepare for a SOC 2 audit and achieve certification with a limited team and resources.
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This white paper provides step-by-step instructions for achieving SOC 2 certification, from choosing a report type to evidence collection and beyond.

    SOC 2 certification is an excellent tool for organizations looking to prove their dedication to cybersecurity principles, but without proper scoping, it can also be a time and resource-intensive process. By identifying both your objectives in seeking SOC 2 certification and the expectations of your customers, you can right size the audit process and get the best business value for your efforts. As SOC 2 becomes recognized across the globe, it’s increasingly likely that your customers will want your organization to be certified—but that doesn’t mean it needs to put major demands on your resources.

      In this white paper, we discuss:

      • SOC 2 Report Types
      • Selecting an auditor
      • Scoping the review period
      • Choosing trust service criteria (TSC)
      • Mapping controls
      • Collecting evidence
      • Developing an action plan

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