Building a Business Case for a Third-Party Risk Management Tool

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building-a-business-case-for-third-party-risk-management-900x800.jpgYou have a vision for how your Third-Party Risk Management program should run...and you want to bring in a software tool to help get you there. All that stands in the way is the dreaded business case.

Building a business case for a software purchase is a big deal -- sometimes you need one to get budget approved, sometimes you need one to get final sign-off from management. Either way, your job is to justify the investment by quantifying the benefits Third-Party Risk Management automation will bring.

So, where do you start?

Download ProcessUnity's latest eBook, Building a Business Case for a Third-Party Risk Management Tool, for practical guidance on how to formulate a winning business case. We discuss how to:

  • Define the opportunities for improvement through data collection and measurement
  • Outline your high-level goals for cost avoidance and efficiency
  • Quantify the benefits of automation through some quick math
  • Capture the soft costs and hard-to-measure benefits
  • Demonstrate how to put the savings to work for further benefits

If you're in the market for a Third-Party Risk Management solution, chances are, you'll need to build a business case. Download our guide and get your program funded today.


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