Effective policy and procedure management has never been as important as it is today. A successful program enables you to manage expectations – how you expect your employees to perform, how regulators expect your company to operate, and how your customers and partners expect you to protect their reputations. While the merits of a strong policy and procedure management program are clear, many organizations struggle with the steps (and the time) to implement one.

Watch ProcessUnity's on-demand webinar (presented with Compliance Week) and learn how to quickly and easily modernize your policy and procedure management practices.

Our team of experts will demonstrate how to:

  • Get your policies and procedures out of network directories, email attachments and three-ring binders
  • Implement a simple review process to update documents when regulations or requirements change
  • Introduce a fool-proof certification process that ensures your employees are always up-to-date

It’s time to get your entire team on the same page and keep them there. Watch this on-demand webinar and take your program to the next level.

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Kristi Kuhn
Senior Solutions Consultant

Kristi is a Senior Solutions Consultant at ProcessUnity. She has more than 12 years experience delivering governance, risk and compliance solutions to organizations of all sizes.

Todd Boehler
Vice President of Product Strategy

Todd Boehler collaborates with customers, partners and internal product teams to develop and deliver high-value risk and compliance solutions. In his role, he drives the company’s cloud services roadmap and defines ProcessUnity’s overall strategic direction.

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