Create a Vendor Risk Management Program That Efficiently Reduces Risk and Scales

Today’s environmental and geopolitical challenges (COVID-19) require you to have an onboarding process that will help you meet regulatory and channel security demands despite the limitations you face.

Businesses rely on their third parties to be effective. Yet third parties represent key risk issues when you engage with them. They may have access to your networks, host your data, manage transactions on your behalf and hold sensitive information. Understanding the inherent risk these companies represent, as well as your vulnerabilities to them, can help protect your company. Clearly these risks can have a critical impact on your negotiation and contract management decisions as well.

How do you manage these kinds of risk with limited resources, yet be fast enough to take advantage of opportunities while remaining secure? Watch the one-hour webcast with ISACA, ProcessUnity, and BitSight and learn the key steps to advance to a best-in-class third-party risk management program.

Attendees will learn how to:

  • Identify potential vendor risks
  • Leverage strategies to address higher-risk vendors
  • Using external intelligence to implement continuous monitoring of vendors
  • Conduct comprehensive due diligence for vendors and partners
  • Stay abreast of vulnerabilities and impacts of real-time risks using continuous monitoring
Join us for this informative session and learn how to incorporate best practices into your program.
Ed Thomas
Senior Vice President of Marketing and Sales Operations

Ed Thomas leads ProcessUnity’s marketing team and is responsible for the company’s awareness, demand generation and thought-leadership programs. In his marketing and sales operations roles at ProcessUnity, Cura Software Solutions and OpenPages (now IBM), Ed has helped hundreds of organizations streamline their risk and compliance programs using next-generation automation tools..

Naomi Phaneuf
Senior Marketing Programs Manager

Naomi is a Senior Marketing Programs Manager at ProcessUnity and is responsible for thought-leadership and best practice programs.

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