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ESG is top of mind for business leaders across the globe. As organizations adapt to meet new expectations for ESG performance, they need expert guidance to navigate the minefield of risk that comes along with it.

That’s why Crowe LLP created the ESG Center of Excellence (COE) to help organizations understand their ESG-related risk and develop best practices. In a 20-minute discussion, ProcessUnity speaks with Crowe to understand:

  • What tools the COE has to offer
  • Who the COE was established to help
  • Why organizations should leverage the COE throughout their third-party due diligence process
  • How organizations can work with the COE to develop an ESG strategy based on best practices and regulatory trends, and integrate it throughout their vendor base
Listen to the podcast now to get started with better ESG practices for your organization.
Constantine Malaxos
VP of Strategic Alliances • Alliances | ProcessUnity

As Vice President of Strategic Alliances for ProcessUnity, Constantine is responsible for finding and building the long-term successful relationships with ProcessUnity’s strategic partners. He shares the alliance team’s and partner’s goal of providing optimal value from ProcessUnity’s solutions. Throughout his career, Constantine has built successful teams within high growth technology firms. Prior to joining ProcessUnity, he created and led Hiperos’ (now Coupa) alliance program. He also led Lumeta’s (FireMon) North American Commercial Sales team.

Christopher McClure
Partner, Forensic & Regulatory Leader | Crowe

Chris leads Crowe's Midwest forensic accounting services group. With more than 20 years’ experience in forensic matters, he has served as a neutral arbitrator or consultant in merger and acquisition disputes, conducted internal and external fraud investigations for SEC registrants and private enterprises across a wide variety of industries, and designed and implemented regulatory compliance programs for a variety of supply chain transparency measures.

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