Cybersecurity Performance
Metrics: 8 Reports to Measure
Your Program Impact

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From prioritizing your security remediation efforts to board-level decision-making, cybersecurity reporting is critical for a well-run program. Learn how the eight essential reports included in the ProcessUnity CPM Performance Command Center can help you improve your reporting process with holistic visibility across your controls, risks, assets, regulations and standards.
Cybersecurity Performance Management Metrics & Reports

ProcessUnity is changing traditional cybersecurity reporting – typically conducted in spreadsheets and email – with high-quality, drilldown dashboards into the state of your program. Explore the eight reports accessible via the ProcessUnity Performance Command Center to see how automated reporting and out-of-the-box security dashboards can enhance your cybersecurity management. This e-book will outline the best reporting practices for:

  • Maintaining up-to-date control assessments
  • Improving control consolidation
  • Ensuring regulatory coverage
  • Proving program value
  • Evaluating overall program proficiency

Download the e-book here to learn about the eight most critical reports for measuring your cybersecurity performance.

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