With more threats, more systems to protect, more tools to deploy, and more people to manage, CISO’s have greater responsibility and accountability than ever before. Your organization must have the right controls in place to manage cybersecurity threats and risks across applications, systems, facilities, and third parties. Fortunately, it’s become easier to measure, react, and report on cyber-risk related assets and activities.

Join ProcessUnity for a one-hour webinar about our Cybersecurity Risk Management solution that saves precious time and resources, while assuring compliance and security. 

Our experts demonstrate how to:

  • Use one platform to identify, inventory, and manage your high-value assets, systems, third parties, and facilities for a truly holistic view of all cyber-related activities and assets.
  • Create a risk-aware culture with a consistent, automated process for evaluating and remediating cybersecurity risk.
  • Manage and prioritize cybersecurity-related projects to enable on-time and on-budget execution.
  • Map your enterprise controls to regulations and standards, ensuring comprehensive coverage and compliance.
  • Create board-ready reports and materials to substantiate a successful cybersecurity program.
Senior Solutions Consultant

Larry is a Senior Solutions Consultant at ProcessUnity. He has more than 20 years of experience in recommending and implementing third-party risk management and GRC solutions for organizations of all sizes.
David Klein
Senior Director of Product Strategy

David is the Senior Director of Product Strategy at ProcessUnity. He has more than 20 years’ experience in product management and strategic roles for leading technology providers. In his past roles at Pitney Bowes, Monster.com, Invoke, and Brainshark, David launched digital products and SaaS businesses across the globe while also driving product and feature development and forging innovation across mobile, eLearning/mLearning, and cloud-based landscapes. David is responsible for keeping his finger on the pulse of the marketplace and delivering high-value risk and compliance solutions. In his role, he helps to define ProcessUnity’s overall strategic direction.

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