Create a Sustainable Cybersecurity Program with Security Control Frameworks

Too often cybersecurity programs rely on a patchworked process for managing risk and regulatory requirements. Fortunately, today’s organizations can maximize the success of their cybersecurity programs by taking advantage of control frameworks. A standard framework or a metaframework offers industry-recognized cybersecurity standards to streamline compliance and control efficacy. Download ProcessUnity’s newest guide for practical advice on selecting a cybersecurity framework and mapping your controls across various standards and regulations.

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Cybersecurity Program with Security Control Frameworks

Download the guide to explore:

  • Strategies for identifying your organizational data (risks, assets and third parties), grouping it within criticality tiers, and assigning ownership
  • Practical advice for selecting a standard cybersecurity framework to support your program
  • The advantages of leveraging pre-mapped controls with an industry-standard metaframework like the Secure Controls Framework (SCF)
  • How to map your organizational components - controls, assets and risks - to your framework(s)
  • Best practices for assessing cybersecurity controls with a questionnaire-based approach
  • Ways to leverage program data and metrics for board-level reporting, program maturity and certification

Cybersecurity programs that align with a control framework are equipped with a holistic view of their program – one that lends accurate insights into the organization’s cybersecurity and regulatory posture. Download our guide and take the next steps to program success.

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