The EU’s Digital Operations Resilience Act (DORA) came into force on January 16th 2023, and will be enforceable starting January 27th 2025. Organizations looking to achieve compliance must determine how this regulation will impact their supplier ecosystem and what the regulatory authorities expect them to accomplish by the 2025 deadline.

Join Sophia Corsetti, Senior Product Specialist at ProcessUnity, for a webinar on how to prepare your organization for DORA. Get key tips to achieve compliance in time for DORA enforcement and understand the ICT-related practices regulated by DORA, while exploring the tools available to help you achieve compliance. This webinar will provide an overview of the key provisions of DORA and their implications for Third-Party Risk Management (TPRM) teams, list best practices for DORA preparation and review key considerations for teams looking to implement the DORA framework.

Join this session for a discussion about:

  • Key DORA provisions
  • Entities regulated under DORA
  • Implications for third-party risk management teams
  • Best practices for achieving DORA compliance
  • Considerations for DORA implementation
ProcessUnity Webinar Speaker
Senior Product Marketing Specialist

Sophia is a cybersecurity risk and third-party risk management specialist at ProcessUnity. Sophia conducts thorough research on industry best practices and has in-depth product knowledge of how CISOs and CPOs use the ProcessUnity platform. She translates voice of the customer into product positioning, messaging and roadmap alignment.
Naomi Phaneuf
Senior Marketing Programs Manager

Naomi is a Senior Marketing Programs Manager at ProcessUnity and is responsible for thought-leadership and best practice programs.

ProcessUnity Webinar Speaker
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