Forrester: Why Isn’t Your Organization Prioritizing Third-Party Risk?

Executed by Forrester Consulting, the research uncovered that 67% of organizations surveyed experienced a third-party risk incident in the last year.

Download the Ponemon Institute report to learn about the current state of third-party cyber risk management. Identify how the current process is broken and why it must be fixed before it is too late.
Cyber and Third-Party Risk Solutions

Did you know that even though organizations recognize third-party threats expose them to great risk, many fail to take adequate measures to mitigate them?

The report identifies four major themes:
  • How today’s organizations constantly exchange confidential information with third parties and why this exposes both sides to significant cyber risk
  • Why current third-party risk prevention strategies leave organizations vulnerable
  • Who tends to ignore safe risk management practices the most
  • What a third-party risk strategy must contain to be successful

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