How to Assess High-Value Assets for Cybersecurity Program Management

Your organization’s crown jewels – high-value assets that harbor sensitive data – are under increasing threat from cybersecurity attacks. Cyber criminals are targeting this precious data by accessing third-party back doors – exposing your organization to operational, financial and reputational risk. Your cybersecurity program must ensure that the proper security controls are in place to protect your high-value applications. Of course, not every application has the same control requirements, so you’ll need to properly assess your crown jewels with a regular cadence to best protect them. Download ProcessUnity’s free guide for a deep-dive into identifying and assessing your high-value assets, complete with best practices developed by cybersecurity experts.

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How to Assess High-Value Assets white paper

Download "How to Assess High-Value Assets" to explore:

  • Strategies for integrating an enterprise-wide approach to assessing high-value assets into your cybersecurity program
  • Criteria for identifying the value of your assets over time
  • Tools for assessing the business value and dynamic value of your assets
  • Processes to confirm your assets’ value based on inherent risk
  • Practical advice for creating targeted assessment questions to uncover appropriate security controls

Cybersecurity programs with a streamlined approach to assessing their high-value assets gain the agility to address threats as they arise. Download the guide to equip your program with the tools to properly assess your applications and take the next steps to program success.

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