Each day healthcare organizations face new threats that jeopardize their critical networks and infrastructure. Gaining visibility into the risk landscape and achieving HIPPA, HITECH, NIST or ISO 27001 compliance are key priorities among cybersecurity leaders in this field.

Next-generation cybersecurity practices will require healthcare organizations to align both internal and external cybersecurity risk processes to create a standardized process to facilitate effective internal and third-party cyber risk mitigation. 

Join us as we explore the intersection of third-party risk management and internal cybersecurity practices. We will review new strategies and outline the steps to mature your program.

You will learn how to:
  • Map external third-party risk to internal cybersecurity controls 
  • Evaluate control effectiveness against both internal and external risks 
  • Prioritize cyber/third-party risk projects based on control gaps and domain inefficiencies 
  • Build a united cybersecurity & third-party management program that protects against internal and external threats 

Vice President of Produt Management

Sandeep has 15 years experience in enterprise B2B SaaS software companies with deep and broad experience in product management and software engineering. He is responsible for keeping the pulse on current and emerging needs in the third-party management market and delivering high-value product capabilities and solutions.

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