When it comes to managing risks throughout your third-party supply chain, it is essential to maintain a framework, program, and resources that ensure potential risks are identified and managed effectively. This is especially crucial in highly regulated industries where the stakes are high, and the risks are significant -be they Financial, Cyber, Restrictions and sanctions, Geopolitical, Operational or ESG-related.

By bringing together the powerful third-party risk automation and reporting engine of ProcessUnity and multi-dimensional risk intelligence of Interos, you can proactively manage cyber threats, ensure regulatory compliance, and source confidently with one solution.

Join us to discover best practices in identifying and mitigating potential critical disruptions within the supply chain at scale and take the next step toward building resilience into your extended enterprise.

About Interos
Interos is the operational resilience company – creating the most trusted and transparent supply chains in the world. Our pioneering scoring and relationship discovery technologies enable customers to automate risk assessment, detection, and response. As the world’s only operational resilience platform, we protect organizations from regulatory violations, unethical labor, cyber-attacks, bankruptcy, catastrophe, and other supplier vulnerabilities. Interos serves a variety of commercial, government, and public sector customers around the world, from within the members of the Five Eyes countries as well as a host of Global Fortune 500 companies.

ProcessUnity Webinar Speaker
Pre Sales Manager, ProcessUnity

Brad McAdams has spent his entire career focused around Third Party Risk Management, and the wider GRC Market. Starting first as a practitioner in the consulting world, before switching over to the software side more than a decade ago. Brad has had the opportunity to be based both in North America as well as Europe.
ProcessUnity Webinar Speaker
Christian Fernandez
Principal Solution Consultant, Interos

Christian has been working in the software industry for over 23 years. He got his start in the dot com era as a front-end UX designer and traversed engineering, product and professional services teams until he found his passion working with customers. Christian leverages his deep knowledge of software design, engineering and industry expertise to help design elegant solutions to solve his customer’s most complex supply chain resilience challenges.

ProcessUnity Webinar Speaker
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