Next-Level Third-Party Risk: Integrating Cybersecurity Risk Management

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Achieve maturity in your third-party risk management program by aligning third-party controls and risk remediation efforts with cybersecurity risk management.
Cybersecurity Performance Management Metrics & Reports

This white paper provides step-by-step instructions for maturing your third-party risk program by implementing cybersecurity risk management.

TPRM and cybersecurity are closely related: third parties are the greatest risk to cybersecurity, and cybersecurity is the most critical third-party risk domain. By mapping your third-party controls to your cybersecurity policies, you can increase efficiency in your risk mitigation efforts and optimize control effectiveness evaluations, vendor assessment scoping and action plan prioritization.

This whitepaper will provide guidance on how to:

  • Gain increased insights from your risk assessments
  • Increase accountability for risks and controls
  • Map cybersecurity controls to third-party risk
  • Prioritize mitigation efforts

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