Many cyber attacks are launched through third-party vendors. To reduce third-party cyber risk and protect company data as it leaves the corporate network, security and risk managers must focus on the most imminent risks to organizations .

Watch our one-hour webinar to understand how integrating objective security ratings and risk vector data into your TPRM program can improve cybersecurity visibility across your vendor population. Our team of experts will show you how to effectively reduce cyber risk throughout the third-party lifecycle and communicate any potential exposures to the line-of-business stakeholders and executive leadership.

Attendees will learn how:

  • Cybersecurity ratings are calculated and the breakdown between compromised systems, user behaviors, public disclosures and other factors that make up these ratings
  • Ensuring total risk coverage of your complete vendor population is achievable throughout the entire vendor relationship
  • The ProcessUnity BitSight On-Demand and Continuous Monitoring integrations work independently or in concert to deliver cybersecurity insights for reduced vendor risk
  • Deploying the appropriate level of assessments to the right recipients using automated insights can reduce vendor fatigue and improve risk assessment effectiveness
  • Automating your cybersecurity risk processes can increase your program effectiveness and increase cybersecurity resiliency for your organization
Matthew Bianchi
Lead Product Manager, Solutions and Ecosystem 

Matt Bianchi is a part of ProcessUnity’s product solutions team and is responsible for the company’s solutions and partner ecosystem. In his tenure at ProcessUnity, Matt has helped hundreds of organizations streamline their risk and compliance programs as well as bring new industry leading solutions and integrations from world-class content providers through the ProcessUnity platform.
David Hawkins
Senior Consulting Engineer

David Hawkins is a Sr. Consulting Engineer with BitSight and has been in the security industry for just over twenty years. His background includes both Cyber and Physical Security.As a consulting Engineer with BitSight, he is focused on helping companies with risk, compliance, technology, and program development. His goal is to promote the continued maturity of the security ratings industry into a discipline that holistically considers information security, data protection, technology and business risk as a unified concept.

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