Mature Your Cybersecurity Program from a Controls-Based to a Risk-Based Approach

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Achieve maturity in your cybersecurity program and target critical risks directly by transitioning from a controls-based to a risk-based approach.
Cybersecurity Performance Management Metrics & Reports

This white paper provides step-by-step instructions for identifying, tracking and mitigating risks using cybersecurity risk management software.

    Many cybersecurity programs begin by picking a framework and achieving compliance. This is a great way to build out a cyber function and begin gathering risk data, but it doesn’t enable your team to identify and mitigate the risks specific to your organization. By transitioning from a controls-based to a risk-based program, you can more precisely target the risks that threaten your organization and justify your program to executive leadership.

      This white paper will provide guidance on how to:

      • Choose the right framework for your organization
      • Identify and track risks using a risk register
      • Assign risk ownership throughout the organization
      • Schedule and collect risk assessments
      • Report cybersecurity outcomes to the board

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