The healthcare industry was the most common victim of third-party data breaches in 2021. This fact is reflective of the wide risk landscape that healthcare organizations face today – and it only continues to grow. While hackers get better at stealing sensitive PHI/PII, regulators roll out new regulations on the healthcare industry. There is no denying that healthcare organizations need proactive, optimized processes to manage their third-party risk.

Join ProcessUnity and Crowe for a 20-minute discussion on the top third-party risk management concerns for the healthcare industry. You’ll learn:

  • Common blind spots organizations face in managing their third-party risk
  • Top regulations pertaining to healthcare organizations and their third parties
  • Strategies for gaining more insight into your critical vendors
  • Best practices to minimize the impact of a third-party data breach
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Sandeep Bhide
VP of Product Management • Product Management

Sandeep has spent over 15 years in enterprise B2B SaaS software companies with deep and broad experience in product management and software engineering. Before ProcessUnity, Sandeep led GEP’s sourcing, supplier and third-party risk management products for 2 years. He is responsible for keeping the pulse on current and emerging needs in the third-party management market and delivering high-value product capabilities and solutions that help ProcessUnity’s customers and maintain its leadership position.

Brad Gilliat
Principal Elect

Brad Gilliat has been working in third party risk for 10 years and is a Principal Elect in Crowe’s Consulting unit. Brad spends his time helping organizations plan, build, and run their third party risk management programs, with deep specialization within cybersecurity.

Blake Gardner
Life Sciences Manager, Third-Party Risk

Mr. Gardner is a Life Sciences Manager on the Third-Party Risk team. Blake has extensive experience in the third-party risk management discipline with a specialization in Life Sciences. He concentrates in Information Security, Business Continuity, and Regulatory Compliance, managing Crowe’s relationship with several large organizations, coordinating assessments of third parties. Blake is well-versed in quality and privacy regulations specific to the Life Sciences and Healthcare industries such as GxP, GDPR, and HIPAA. Blake also has experience working in GRC solutions such as ProcessUnity.

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