The Impact of Spreadsheets in Compliance

and Risk Management Environments

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processunity-inherent-risk-240x300.jpgData entry errors, manual interrogation and poor support for multi-stakeholder environments reduce the success of risk and compliance programs.

As familiar and low-cost resources, spreadsheets frequently serve as default data and process management tools where organizations have not made other solution investments. While these tools may be sufficient in low-complexity and single-stakeholder environments, the same characteristics that make them easy to deploy to support compliance and risk activities begin to impose limitations as data, operational needs, and stakeholders expand.

Download the latest research from Blue Hill Research, The Impact of GRC in Spreadsheet-Driven Compliance and Risk Management Environments, and learn how the right investment into GRC program management results in:

  • Significant productivity gains
  • Increased speed and clarity of insight
  • Reduced risk exposure

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