Leveraging Industry Knowledge to Build a
Streamlined and Repeatable Process

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In an age when the pace of business continues to quicken, optimizing the third-party management process continues to rank as a top priority for companies and their growing pool of third parties. To that end, in recent years, we’ve seen a concerted effort to rethink how businesses manage their third parties, which includes the emergence of industry-wide cooperation in the form of due-diligence utilities.

Given today’s marketplace and the ever-changing threat landscape, how can businesses reimagine their third-party risk management process in a way that facilitates business, reduces the strain on third parties, and in the case of regulated industries, satisfies the increasingly onerous expectations of regulators?

1600x2221-trusight-white-paper.jpgIn the white paper Revolutionizing Third-Party Risk, risk management teams can learn how to:

  • Pursue a phased approach to evolving your program
  • Adopt a best practice approach to third-party risk management
  • Create a rationalized approach to risk identification
  • Document findings through a wholistic and automated program
  • Aggregate and interpret the multitude of data sources when evaluating third parties
  • Understand the attributes of a successful industry utility

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