Whether you're just getting started or taking your TPRM program to the next level, don’t let the size of your organization or vendor ecosystem get in the way of identifying, quantifying, and reducing third-party and cyber risk. To mitigate vendor risk, you must assess each vendor’s security posture, both during onboarding and throughout the entire vendor lifecycle. This can be a time-consuming and manual process that proves itself hard to scale across vendor ecosystems. You need a way to secure your digital supply chain without overburdening security and risk management teams and impeding business success.

Join Shyam Venugopal, Group Product Manager at Bitsight, and Brad McAdams, Pre Sales Manager at ProcessUnity to learn how to:

  • Automate due diligence
  • Scale your digital supply chain security
  • Promote operational resiliency
  • Identify and remediate security gaps
ProcessUnity Webinar Speaker
Brad McAdams
Pre Sales Manager

Brad McAdams has spent his entire career focused around Third Party Risk Management, and the wider GRC Market. Starting first as a practitioner in the consulting world, before switching over to the software side more than a decade ago. Brad has had the opportunity to be based both in North America as well as Europe.
ProcessUnity Webinar Speaker
Shyam Venugopal
Group Product Manager

Shyam is a Product Management professional with a background in Engineering and Business Management. From interviewing customers, to working with R&D, to helping the sales team close a huge deal, product management has offered Shyam the opportunity to use his creativity, business skills and passion to solve hard problems.

ProcessUnity Webinar Speaker
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