In today’s marketplace, companies need to leverage more and more third parties to compete. However, with each third party we engage with extends a certain degree of risk to the organization.

To make intelligent decisions regarding which third parties to hire and determine how best to mitigate the risk they present, companies must conduct initial as well as ongoing third-party due diligence, which involves the administration of assessment questionnaires.

Join ProcessUnity and discover the newest techniques for driving third-party risk out of your business.

In this session, you will learn how to:
  • Move beyond one-size-fits-all questionnaires and stop maintaining multiple question sets
  • Perform accurate internal assessments using verified external data
  • Enhance due diligence with watchlist, sanction list and adverse media screening
  • Improve vendor response rates, times and quality
  • Improve the vendor assessment process through proper scoping
  • Apply business logic rules and scoring intelligence to automatically determine the set of questions
  • Implement continuous monitoring capabilities 

Don’t miss this opportunity to explore how best-in-class organizations are strengthening and streamlining their third-party risk management efforts.

Ed Thomas
Senior Vice President of Marketing

Ed Thomas leads ProcessUnity’s marketing team and is responsible for the company’s awareness, demand generation and thought-leadership programs. In his marketing and sales operations roles at ProcessUnity, Cura Software Solutions and OpenPages (now IBM), Ed has helped hundreds of organizations streamline their risk and compliance programs using next-generation automation tools.
Rosalind Morville
Senior Product Marketing Manager

Rosalind has more than 20 years of experience managing marketing programs for companies from small private start-ups to multi-national public companies. She is responsible for Product Marketing for ProcessUnity.

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