How New SEC Cybersecurity Rules Will Impact Your Program

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New SEC cybersecurity rules will require increased disclosures from your program. With the right cybersecurity risk management platform, you can meet this demand without overburdening your specialists.
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This white paper covers the disclosures required by the new SEC rules, the challenges these disclosures present to cybersecurity professionals and tips for managing these challenges with cybersecurity risk management software.

    Newly passed cybersecurity rules from the SEC signal a renewed interest in regulating organizations’ cyber practices and encouraging investors to do business with companies that take their data security seriously. These rules require organizations to make new and expanded disclosures regarding their cybersecurity policies, governance and the incidents that occur on their network. While this increased disclosure load can mean more work for some teams, the use of cybersecurity risk management software can make evidence collection easier than before.

      This white paper will cover:

      • Possible implications of SEC rules
      • New incident reporting requirements
      • New cyber risk governance disclosures
      • Possible benefits and challenges posed by the new rules
      • Tips for meeting these requirements with cybersecurity risk management software

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