Third-Party Risk Management

The Evolution of the
Third-Party Due Diligence Questionnaire White Paper

While all third-party vendors must be onboarded,
they do not all merit equal attention.

The best-run Third-Party Risk Management programs are designed to evolve and mature over time. As regulations continue to change, new rules are introduced and even more, vendors require vetting, organizations will need to tweak their processes to stay as efficient and effective as possible. One program component that has seen significant change over the past few years is the Third-Party Due Diligence Questionnaire. Forward-thinking organizations have modernized their assessment tools greatly benefiting both third-party risk teams and their vendors.

Download ProcessUnity’s white paper, The Evolution of the Third-Party Due Diligence Questionnaire, and learn how to reduce the administrative burden for your internal analysts and your external partners. You’ll learn how to:

  • Move beyond one-size-fits-all questionnaires and stop maintaining multiple question sets
  • Auto-scope assessments based on vendors’ inherent risk
  • Apply business logic rules and scoring intelligence to automatically determine the set of questions
  • Reduce the load on your vendors and ensure faster, more complete responses

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