Third-Party Risk Management

Expert Guide:
Third-Party Risk Management Best Practices

20+ Pages of Advice for an Effective and Efficient Vendor-Risk Program

Most Third-Party Risk Management (TPRM) programs have ample opportunities to become stronger, better integrated, and more essential to their companies. Through thoughtful planning and best practices, TPRM programs can continuously improve and help their companies become healthier, safer, and better prepared to face both expected and unanticipated challenges.

TPRM Best Practices Guide

Download our expert guide, Third-Party Risk Management Best Practices, and explore:

  • The building blocks of third-party risk management programs
  • Workflows for vendor onboarding and ongoing monitoring
  • The importance of inherent risk and how it should be incorporated into programs
  • How to calculate residual risk and use it to to determine ongoing review cadences
  • Ways to integrate external ratings and service offerings into your program
  • Practical steps you can take to advance your third-party risk management program
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