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Third-Party Risk Management Report

There’s no denying that third-party risk is top of mind in 2015. We’re constantly bombarded with new regulatory guidance, news of cybersecurity breaches and companies receiving regulatory fines. With more and more global vendors to assess, it’s no surprise to see the increase in the attention third-party risk has seen over the past few years. On Google alone, searches for “third-party risk” have risen from 32 million in August 2011 to more than 90 million in July 2015.

ProcessUnity’s 2015 State of Third-Party Risk Report explores the day-to-day priorities, tactics and technology used by today’s third-party risk teams. With data from over 200 leading companies, you will learn:

  • What are the major challenges facing third-party risk programs in 2015?
  • Which challenges are pushing 62% of companies to change risk management strategies?
  • What is preventing firms from getting risk management right?
  • Where are companies investing their third-party risk budgets?
  • Who is staffing risk management teams?
  • And much more…

Our survey participants report a variety of top-of-mind third-party risk management issues – led by growing regulatory scrutiny; varied investment in technology and tools; and busy teams looking to streamline their processes. In this report, you will find insights from your peers on their current approaches to vendor risk management. See how you stack up and equip your team to streamline your third-party risk strategy this year.

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