Unify Third-Party Risk and Cybersecurity for Sustainable Resiliency

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Unifying third-party risk and cybersecurity brings together teams that share security goals, increasing efficiency and resiliency throughout the organization. To achieve unification, you must align internal and external risk data across your control domains
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This white paper will help cybersecurity and procurement teams collaborate to align their controls, reducing redundancy and increasing visibility by treating the vendor ecosystem as an extension of the organization’s security.

Cybersecurity and procurement teams both have a stake in organizational security. Still, the division of responsibility between these teams reduces visibility for both: while cybersecurity lacks the leverage necessary to ensure responsible third-party risk practices, procurement lacks the expertise necessary to validate third-party cybersecurity controls. By unifying these two functions within a single framework, you can increase visibility across the board and ensure operational resilience.

In this white paper, we demonstrate how to:

  • Analyze your control universe
  • Identify relevant industry frameworks
  • Scope vendor questionnaires based on risk
  • Establish robust contingency plans
  • Evaluate control effectiveness
  • Remediate gaps between internal and external controls

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