To contract a vendor is to initiate a relationship: when you don’t know who you’re really dealing with, you expose your enterprise to risks that can have enduring consequences.

Join ProcessUnity’s 45-minute webcast on Thursday, February 15, 2018 at 11:00 AM EST and see how forward-thinking organizations are modernizing their vendor onboarding process. Our team of experts will discuss how to:

  • Eliminate time-intensive admin steps to create vendor information
  • Streamline onboarding processes by engaging appropriate resources at the right time
  • Automatically scope risk assessments based on vendor and service being provided
  • Consistently score vendor responses to help identify potential risks
  • Leverage repeatable processes to reduce risk and fraud from the get-go

The most effective vendor risk programs operate in a continuous improvement cycle. Register for the webinar and learn how to up-level your third-party risk practices.

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Kristi Kuhn
Senior Solution Consultant, ProcessUnity

Kristi is a Senior Solutions Consultant at ProcessUnity. She has more than 12 years experience delivering governance, risk and compliance solutions to organizations of all sizes.

Ed Thomas
Vice President of Marketing, ProcessUnity

Ed Thomas leads ProcessUnity’s marketing team and is responsible for the company’s awareness, demand generation and thought-leadership programs.

Eric Evans
Managing Director, Business Development, RapidRatings

Eric Evans works with the Senior team at Rapid Ratings to lead business development efforts in order to properly identify, create, and manage strategic partnerships and alliances of the company. He aligns Rapid Ratings’ efforts correctly with the right partners in delivering solutions to them with diligence, professionalism, and timeliness.


NOTE: Due to the confidential content in this webinar, only valid corporate email addresses will be accepted.