Third-Party Risk Management

Third-Party Risk Management Maturity Model

Find the Right Standards for Your Program

Third-party governance today requires an awareness of the strengths and limitations of your current third-party risk management program. Knowing where you are on the Third-Party Risk Maturity Scale–Informal, Reactive, Proactive, or Optimized–gives you important insight into your current risks and viable opportunities for mitigating them. With businesses operating at different scales and facing various risk factors–there is no one right Third-Party Risk Management model, but there is a model right for you.

Read the Third-Party Risk Management Maturity Model white paper for practical advice on how to advance your vendor risk program regardless of its current level of sophistication.

Learn how to:

  • Determine your place on the Third-Party Risk Maturity Scale
  • Understand the risks associated with your current stage and mitigate them
  • Leverage the opportunities at each stage for continuous program improvement
  • Evolve your program to reach the right stage for your organization’s risk appetite

Don’t miss this opportunity to determine your place on the model and take the steps to improve your program.

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