CISOs today are dealing with more threats, more systems to protect, more tools to deploy and more people to manage. That is on top of their responsibilities at the senior management table and their culpability for third parties, IT systems, regulations (PCI/PII), standards (ITIL, Cobit, NIST) and a whole lot more. CISOs not only need to understand and manage all the data to protect against threats, but they also need to make informed real-time decisions and communicate this information in a meaningful way at a moment’s notice. Luckily, it has just become easier to identify and report on cybersecurity risk within your organization. Watch this replay and learn how automated Cybersecurity Program Management leads to a productive, collaborative and holistic approach.

In this session you will learn how to:

  • Identify, inventory and manage your high-value assets, systems, third parties and facilities in one platform to obtain a holistic view of all your cyber-related activities
  • Bridge the gap between IT security risk assessments and business continuity, as the CISOs role evolves from risk manager to business enabler
  • Improve the lines of communication across all departments and involve senior management in the cybersecurity decision-making process
  • Analyze, predict and prepare for emerging cybersecurity challenges.

Watch this informative session and don’t miss this opportunity to explore how organizations are strengthening and improving their cybersecurity program management efforts.

Ed Thomas
Senior Vice President of Marketing and Sales Operations

Ed Thomas leads ProcessUnity’s marketing team and is responsible for the company’s awareness, demand generation and thought-leadership programs. In his marketing and sales operations roles at ProcessUnity, Cura Software Solutions and OpenPages (now IBM), Ed has helped hundreds of organizations streamline their risk and compliance programs using next-generation automation tools..

Naomi Phaneuf
Senior Marketing Programs Manager

Naomi is a Senior Marketing Programs Manager at ProcessUnity and is responsible for thought-leadership and best practice programs.

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