Balancing Cybersecurity and Sustainability in Third-Party Risk Management

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Companies face growing operational risk and regulatory scrutiny in both the cybersecurity and sustainability domains. By tracking risk in both areas using a third-party risk register, you can keep your organization secure and protected from regulatory violations.
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This white paper covers the challenges risk managers must overcome to balance risk across these domains, strategies for achieving resiliency in the face of these risks, and guidance for leveraging third-party risk management (TPRM) technology to achieve sustainable and secure TPRM.

As cybersecurity breaches become more common and more impactful, and as companies contend with the environmental impact of global supply chains, regulators around the world have begun to target these domains more rigorously. This leaves companies in a doubly challenging position: not only do they need to manage unprecedented levels of risk in sustainability and cybersecurity, but they must also do so in time to avoid violations in an increasingly tightly regulated arena. By building a risk register to track and prioritize third-party risk across domains, you can determine where your organization is most vulnerable and maintain compliance over time.

This white paper will cover:

  • Challenges to managing sustainability and cybersecurity risk in TPRM
  • Strategies for balancing sustainability and cybersecurity
  • Tips for managing sustainability and cybersecurity with a TPRM platform
  • Benefits of managing sustainability and cybersecurity with assessments-as-a-service

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